Weird Feeling

Has anyone had a nervous, hurt, feeling inside their stomach you could not explain? Well, I had it twice. I woke up Sunday morning  feeling very odd like something was off. I could not put my finger on it until my now ex-boyfriend called me to tell me he wanted to come get his things, he was done. The feeling that I had when he called was gone but it was not to invite me to his church which I have been a few times it was for him to break-up. 

    I am telling this story because do females always have a feeling something is bad about to happen or something is not adding up right. It is like we already know. It is our intuition. That Saturday, I was going to gather his things up myself but I couldn’t. I stopped because I did not want to jinx myself. I had the feeling today but I couldn’t pinpoint the situation or why I was feeling the nervous, hurt, feeling again. 

    It really sucks having a break-up. It is like I had too find myself again for being with him  24/7 in the short amount of time. I was all about the ex-boyfriend. Now, that he is not in my life anymore I have to continue with my life without him. Do the things I was doing before we met. 

                                                                                                                    Be You. Be True. Do You.


Author: Memeonlym3

A 26 year old, Sales Associate at The Children's Place. I am the 2nd oldest out of 7. I have no children but want some. I have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development. I graduated from Central High, Florence AL.

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