Where is Love?

I sit and think to myself, “where is love? Where has it gone? As the saying goes, “when a man fineth a woman, he fineth a good thing.” So too my men out there with a girlfriend and/or wife, is that true? In other words, why is love so difficult? Why is it so hard to fall in love, stay in love, or find it? When I was younger, about 12 years of age, I had a future planned out: I would be married at age 25, have children at 30. Now I am 26, no wedding and especially no children. Can I still have a future of what I planned years ago?

I was in a 2 year relationship when all of a sudden it ended without explanation. He was the man of the future plan I thought I would have but we broke up. I was happy with him. He did things I did not like but that was a relationship. I asked the ex-boyfriend why we broke up he gave the silliest answer which made me furious. For the longest I needed clarity but as my tears dried I did not need one.  I loved him but I guess love do not last.



Author: Memeonlym3

A 26 year old, Sales Associate at The Children's Place. I am the 2nd oldest out of 7. I have no children but want some. I have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development. I graduated from Central High, Florence AL.

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