These Ones vs This One

Now, I know someone has heard someone say, “these ones,” at least once in there life time or all the time. I am here to tell the people who say “these ones,” that is incorrect! NO, I am not an English teacher but you know that is not correct. Well at least, I think you know it is not. If I had a crying emoji, right now, I would put it on here. [laughing out loud] I even took the initiative to make sure that is was not a grammar word that the high-school teachers, thank you, forgot to teach us.

So I am here to say it is never, going to, or will be “these ones.” I know it may sound correct when you say it but trust me it is all types of wrong when someone else hears it. NO SHADE. If you have ‘one’ of something it is one not ‘a lot’ of something.

But I kept looking… This is what I found!Snapchat-1431258974

Do you see what I see?! It is actually there, circled, in red! I just ate my own words! The people who says “these ones” I apologize for telling myself that is not a word. In reality, it is!

Here is the link where i found it:>grammar (On the Uses of One- Capital Community…

–Be You. Be True. Do You.


Author: Memeonlym3

A 26 year old, Sales Associate at The Children's Place. I am the 2nd oldest out of 7. I have no children but want some. I have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development. I graduated from Central High, Florence AL.

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